About us

Hestie is where you will find a collection of beautifully unique home and lifestyle products. 
We are based in Edinburgh, Scotland. We (Natalie and Ollie) opened our brick and mortar store in July 2022, at 245 Morningside Road. 

We stock items that we love. Drawn to Boho and Nordic style, we try to find unique and different brands that you will love, too. We’re also drawn to brands that care about the planet. A lot of the items you will find on offer are made in small batches to reduce waste and we look out for pieces that use recycled materials or can be recycled themselves. 

You may be wondering where our name, Hestie, comes from. Hestia, the greek goddess of hearth and home. We like to think that ‘Hestie’ is a cool nickname for her and encapsulates everything that our store is about. Offering items that add beauty, warmth and cosiness to your life and home.