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Imani Collective

Darling You’re Magic Wall Hanging Sign

Darling You’re Magic Wall Hanging Sign

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Darling, You’re Magic | Canvas Wall Hanging Sign 

This handmade wall hanging sign is the perfect way to show your darling just how magic they are, or add to any room in your home for some extra positivity throughout the day.

Sewn and screen printed by hand on mustard yellow canvas by Kenyan artisans, each which the makers name handwritten on reverse. 

- mustard yellow canvas

- Dimensions: 8in x 7.5in / 20.3cm x 19.1cm  

- wooden dowel with cotton string

- orange screen print 


CARE:  Spot clean only. Do not put in washing machine or dryer.

If your hanging sign is creased or wrinkled, place your sign print side down on ironing board and iron on a low/medium heat.

Do not iron directly on screen print. Do not use high heat. Do not keep iron in one place for too long. Do not use tumble dryer. 

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