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Second Nature

Festival Rag Recycled Cotton Rug - Autumnal Yellows

Festival Rag Recycled Cotton Rug - Autumnal Yellows

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Woven into a striped design with hand tied fringed finish and tassels. The high cotton content and tight weave give a quality finish.

Hand woven on traditional flat looms by skilled artisan weavers. The result is a simple flat weave rug around half a centimetre in thickness. This makes them ideal for placement under furniture as well as in an open room.

Look out for the authentic GoodWeave label as an assurance that your rug has been ethically sourced from a closed network of high quality producers.

The rug is reversible and can be rolled or folded when not in use.

Care: can be shaken, spot cleaned or gently washed in cool water.

Dimensions: 75cm x 120cm

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